Explore the World: Through the lens of an International Student

While it may be safe to stay in your little corner of the world, don’t you want to see other parts of this massive planet? Do you know that schooling in UK for instance, gives you the opportunity to explore other iconic cities such as England, London and many others. All these destinations you’ve only read or heard about are just around the corner, a bus, train or maybe a plane away! Countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany, and so on are on the forefronts of quality education. It is also quite interesting to note that most of the top-rated universities are in these countries. Not only does studying abroad provide you with an amazing education, you also get to be taught and learn in a different style. Exposure to these diverse approaches can significantly broaden your knowledge and skill set, making you a more adaptable and versatile professional. Experiencing a change in the kind of teaching you’re used to might be key to becoming a well-rounded individual. You get to develop a global mindset.

Try New Things

Being in a new environment opens you to a lot more opportunities you might not have had if you were still at home. Imagine experiencing different Cuisine, culture hobbies, and events. You might be surprise to find that you have a flair for things you’d ordinarily not do. You can go snorkelling, hiking, even visiting local museums, going to concerts, and so on. The possibilities are endless!.

Build a Diverse Network of Friends

Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to develop their network of contacts beyond national borders. When studying abroad, the chance is you’ll get to become friends with a lot of people from a completely different background from yours. Opportunity to establish a global network of friends, classmates, and mentors can be instrumental in advancing your career. How else can you grow an individual if not by embracing the differences between your ideals, values, culture and so on and that of your new friends? You might be amazed to discover some things about your new friend’s culture and they might learn about yours too! If you’re someone who knows how to keep in touch, even after schooling, these new friends might also become your network and connections for a lifetime.

Job Opportunities

Whether you choose to remain abroad after schooling or return home, having a foreign degree gives a boost to your CV. The QS Global Employer Survey 2011 reports that a majority of employers value an international study experience when recruiting graduate. If you choose to come back, you would definitely stand out from other job aspirants just for schooling abroad alone. The recruiter already has an opinion about how resilient and adaptable you are. If you do choose to remain abroad however, having a degree from a local university is also a plus for you when searching for jobs there.

In conclusion, no matter how daunting and challenging it might be to school abroad, when you consider the benefits gained, it becomes a little bit more difficult to sit on the fence anymore. There are so many other reasons why you should consider studying abroad, be it the quality and standard education, the adventures you might experience or even the friends you might make. Studying abroad is a decision you’ll never forget in your life!

“Earning is a product of learning. You're only one step away from earning more.”

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